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Rental Application

(This is not a Lease or Rental agreement)

Every field must be completed and considered. Each adult applicant will need to complete a separate application. We subscribe to all federal, state and local fair housing laws. Upon request, applicant is entitled to review the lease, Rules and Regulations, and any other forms required for occupancy.

** Falsification of information is grounds for denial **

Personal Information

Current Address

Previous Address

Rental History

Most Recent/Current Landlord

Previous Landlord

Employment / Income Information

Student Status

Current Employer

Previous Employer

Other Source of Income 1

Other Source of Income 2

Self Employed Applicants

If you are self-employed, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Monthly gross income
  • 6 months of bank account statements
  • 3 vendors you work with including their name, address, phone and contact person for verification

Have you had any problems with your past or present landlord and/or been evicted? (i.e.: damaging an apartment, behavior that disturbs or threatens others, non-payment of rent, eviction, or any other reason)

Additional Information

Vehicle Information

Application Standards

An applicant is any person who will live in the apartment or who will make or guarantee rent payments for the persons living in the apartment/property.

Maximum persons per unit/property: 2 persons per bedroom (unless otherwise not allowed by city/state/regional licensing/permitting).

Each applicant (over the age of 18) must fill out an application completely. If an application is incomplete or if any information on the application is false, the application may not be approved.

We require applicants to have a monthly income of three times the rent or to show that they have successfully paid a higher portion of their income towards rent for at least one year.

Applicants must have a successful rental history. If you have been evicted from a previous apartment during the past 3 years, your application will not be approved. If you have had complaints from previous landlords for: damage of property, criminal behavior, threatening other persons, causing disturbances, breach of lease, and/or other reasons, your application may not be approved.

If you have criminal convictions for drugs or violence in the past 5 years, your application may not be approved.


I have read the above statement and verified the application I am submitting is correct and in accordance with this statement.