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Investment Real Estate Specialists

Why use Lancer Group Properties to sell your investment real estate?

  • Lancer Group Properties has generations of experience and a exceptional understanding of the residential rental and commercial real estate market your property is in. We know what hidden value your property may have, and we will help you bring it to light prior to listing your property for sale at its greatest value possible.

  • We do our homework! Assessing each property on its own merits (incomes and expenses) to determine value rather than only knowing comparable market sales, helps YOU set the market with the highest possible selling price. If your property is under-rented or is carrying possible expenses that can be eliminated or passed on or creatively reduced, we will sit down and walk you through different options in order to get the most profitable sale.

  • Analysis – we will run a pro-forma for your property to determine value. taking the property specifications and putting them into a pro-forma helps us understand the rates of return on a property: cash flow, CAP rates, Cash on Cash rate of return (with assumed financing), ROI (with and without assumed property appreciation and with and without principal reduction). These rates of returns are what drives value – the better the rates of return, the greater value possible!

  • Access – Lancer Group Properties has bought and sold investment property for a very long time! We have a vast network of buyers and investors that are always looking for another property to add to their portfolio.

  • Work with someone that speaks your language – We specialize in income generating real estate — when we say that we specialize, it is not a way to market our selves it is a way of life! We love working with buyers and sellers and understand how their properties work: where and how they generate income, structuring leases to allow owners and properties to become as profitable as possible, reducing property expenses to their lowest levels possible, finding and securing financing for investment properties, determining what financing and what properties may best fit into a client’s existing portfolio, and working tirelessly at it — because that is what we love!

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