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Investment Property Is Our Specialty!

Are you looking to invest into real estate for the first time? Or are you looking to add to your already established investment real estate portfolio? Well you have come to the right place! Lancer Group Properties is a full service Property Management and Real Estate Brokerage, which means we know our stuff!
Lancer Group Properties knows the rental markets in Western Wisconsin because of our large property management portfolio. We know exact average market rents for quiet efficiency units all the way up to 7 bedroom college campus rental houses and everything in between. We know how they operate, what pit-falls to look out for, what areas are on the up and up, and what aspects of each deal to emphasize in order to make your acquisition as profitable as possible.

How can you go wrong!

  • We can work with you as a Buyer’s Agent in order to give our insight and market knowledge as to the pros and cons of any property and negotiate the lowest price possible.

  • Having us a Buyer’s Agent doesn’t cost you anything! Our fees for service are paid from the seller’s commission on a transaction – so why not have the best represent you!

  • We will analyze every property you are interested in looking at: running a pro-forma, tracking down the property incomes and expenses, assessing current market rents and how they may fluctuate over time, getting property insurance quotes during due diligence, plugging in your specific financing situations – all in order to give you the best ‘View’ possible of your prospective acquisition.

  • We will quote you a custom-fit property management plan during your due diligence so you know exactly what it will cost to have your investment managed at peak performance by the pros!

  • Commitment – Lancer Group Properties has a commitment to selling and buyer high quality / ‘performing’ investment real estate. We will never sell you a property that we couldn’t manage or operate ourselves at a profitable position. Some Realtors out there will sell you any property so they can simply to get a sale, with no market knowledge on rental rates, occupancy levels, or possible future performance of the property. Here at Lancer Group Properties we don’t look for a quick sale to make a commission we look for opportunities to build a lasting business relationship with our clients. Over 90% of our buyers use our management services after an acquisition – that way you can hold us accountable for the successful operation of your new asset! You’re not going to find that level of commitment at any other realty brokerage around.

Call us today to discuss your next acquisition!